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dan's fan city logo


Dan's Fan City- Project Management

With no more than a landing page, Dan’s Fan City needed to get into the e-commerce game.

However, they wanted more than a simple ecommerce website; they wanted an online Fan Builder, too.



Hamsa Herbal- Branding & Dev

Turning “a great idea” into an actual product for sale is a big enough challenge, but that’s just the beginning.  Then you have to develop the plan to get it into your customer’s hands… and BUILD it.

Hamsa Herbal, nutraceutical blends
KEEPER BALM, Goalkeeper Glove Conditioner


KEEPER BALM- Global E-Commerce

A unique product sold in over 25 different countries and carried by wholesalers on 2 continents, KEEPER BALM® is trademarked to Mike Slatton and highly regarded by it’s loyal customers.


DAMC- Rebrand / SEO / PPC

Dunedin Animal Medical Center is a popular veterinary hospital in Dunedin Florida.

Achievements made were increasing the number of daily new clients, improving Google reviews and enhancing continued engagement of current clientele.

Dunedin Veterinary Hospital
Monster Transmission


Monster Transmission- Big Job

When you’re an Inc. 5000 e-commerce company and the system you have isn’t working for you anymore, you need to make a switch.

Monster Transmission had a huge e-commerce website that needed to be transferred over to a more stable environment.



GK Glove Co.- Product Development

The GK Glove Co. was developed as a soccer goalkeeper accessory marketplace of equipment and products that are all new and unique.

All the brands and products sold on GKGC were developed by Mike Slatton.

GK Glove Co. Huracan GK Goalkeeper Gloves
Soccer Mom Manual


SMM- International Reach

With mentions in National Geographic, ESPN and soccer blogs from 5 different continents, the Soccer Mom Manual is truly a global resource of youth soccer information and opinion.

Mike Slatton knows how to reach people, globally.


BTGH- Rebrand / SEO / PPC / Growth

The goal was simple: “… to be #1 in the search engines”.

Real estate is competitive, but from absolutely no presence on the Internet to being #1 for their related keywords and search terms, took less than 6 months.

Tampa wholesale real estate company
Cardinal Landscaping Tampa


Cardinal- Webhosting / Email / SEO

Service industry companies of all sizes need quick solutions to their Internet and digital marketing needs.

Cardinal Landscape is a Tampa Bay landscaping company that just needed some help getting online.

Websites are like landscaping: You could do it yourself, but sometimes you appreciate professional help.

Think of Mike Slatton as your Internet Landscaper.


Shlomi Presser- Small Job

South Florida Defense Attorney, Shlomi Presser needed to improve his online image to match his hard-nosed approach to criminal defense.

Mike Slatton said “yes“.

Shlomi Presser Law
Tampa Distressed Real Estate Buyer


911 Houses- Create / PPC / SEO

The Tampa Bay Real Estate market is competitive.  911 Houses is an independent agent site of the BTGH group.  They buy houses that are in distress, or from people who are in distress from owning them.

Mike Slatton built the website, created the branding and managed the pay-per-click advertising to get leads. 


BeatnikGarage Concept

Before “dream” can become “reality“, you start with a concept.

Beatnik Garage was a concept that never actually got off the ground… but that’s the nature of the game.


Beatnik Garage
Citrus Auto Trader used cars


Citrus Auto Trader- New Image / PPC

“A dirty old car is just a dirty old car, but a clean old car is a classic.”  Some Old Guy

Citrus Auto Trader needed to spruce up their image. Mike Slatton said, “yes“.

What's Next?

No matter what challenges you face, Mike Slatton has solutions.  No challenge is too crazy, and no company is too big or small to benefit from his vast experience.

Whether you’re just getting started with “a great idea”, or you’ve got a stable organization that needs to refresh it’s marketing strategy, if you need “it” done, contact Mike Slatton.

Mike Slatton, Clearwater FL

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