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Today, digital marketing IS MARKETING

If you were to completely remove the digital aspect from your marketing plan, you would have nothing.  The overwhelming majority of recommendations, reviews and conversation around products and services are all done online.  Those conversations start with search engine and social media advertising that is driven to websites and landing pages.  Want to do some guerilla marketing?  Great!  You’ll have to tell them where you’ll be with Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. 

For over a dozen years, businesses of all types and sizes have trusted Mike Slatton to build and manage their dreams and livelihoods.

With hands-on experience in every facet of the user experience, Mike Slatton can develop, manage, and build a marketing system to ensure your success.


UX Research

The systematic study of how visitors use your website helps you understand their motivation and behavior, to help uncover problems and develop new opportunities.

Brand Management

Your brand needs to be carefully cultivated, to improve and bring awareness to it’s wider value, while building trust and loyalty.  Perception is reality. 

Web Development

All marketing eventually ends up bringing someone to a website, to gather more information or make a purchase.  Websites are where deals close.

Business Strategy

The goal is to make the sale.  How you get there depends on a variety of factors that all relate to keeping the customer engaged, all the way to checkout.

Web Design

Structure, style & content.  Design is what keeps visitors engaged.  Good design helps your visitors quickly find what is important to them.


A good product photo is worth a thousand sales, and is just one visual aspect of the journey to keep your visitors engaged… all the way to checkout.  

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It’s starts as an idea, and evolves into a concept.  From there, research and development turns it into a product.

Concept to product HGK-glove-art


When a story needs to be told, or the message is just too broad for photos, then you use video.

If a photo is worth a thousand sales, what’s video worth?

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Mike Slatton makes good ideas into real products and services that are sold all over the world.

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